CEO Greeting

Welcome to CASA LUMI's homepage.


After acquiring the aquarium in July 1997, it changed its name to Samho Trading and started business by distributing the aquarium and related supplies.
After that, development and manufacture of LED LAMP for the aquarium, On this basis
In 2012, it exported its high quality SMPS embedded FPL product to Japan for the first time in Korea and entered the LED lighting market in earnest.

By exporting to Japan, Samho Tech has secured SMPS technology, the core technology of LED lighting, and introduced LED lighting as the Samho Tech brand, making it into general LED lighting products.
POSCO E&C has grown into a global LED lighting business by expanding its LED lighting business by continuously developing Korea, Japan and other markets by replacing traditional lighting with high efficiency and long life LED lighting products.

The Samho Tech is based on its customer-centric management policy and expertise in LED lighting, and has opened up a new world that will contribute to the best happiness of the company.

Please keep an eye on the growth of Samho Tech with its affection and interest.
Thank you.